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Patty Kingsley – CreateGood

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, and raised in Durham Region, Patty Bowman Kingsley leads transformational change within public, private, for profit, NFP and Charitable settings.  With influence in both governance and practice, she creates innovation that is both attainable and sustainable.

Patty’s passion for honour, capacity for foresight, and her proven skills in arenas of complex innovation, have been seasoned over thirty years of commitment to the human endeavour within communities of diverse interest and background.

Using creativity as her primary medium, she facilitates the growth of individuals and communities through creative enterprise, activations, collaboration and individual art creations. Patty lives her artful life believing that we are surrounded by “insurmountable opportunity” — Chuck Swindoll

 Patty sees herself as a creative servant who shares irrepressible joy, through creative art-making. She believes that art has the power to intuitively connect individuals to hope, amidst hopeless circumstances.  To put pain in its place, for 5 minutes or 5 hours.

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