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Matthew Clark Music

I grew up in Mississippi and live here still with my brother Sam Clark, a ceramic artist. I have a little recording studio in the guest bedroom, roast coffee in the garage, and I write songs by a window in the living room (where I’m sitting right now as I write this).

I love music and words and people. One of my favorite words this year has been “stranded”. Stranded means to pull a thread away from a cloth. All by itself, separated from the context of the fabric, the thread is stranded, right? I’ve felt that way at different times in my life, I know. I believe a lot of people feel isolated and removed from the fabric of family, meaning, and ultimately the story of life in God that Jesus is working to give us. But I don’t believe strandedness has to be the last word. God dreams of weaving a great fabric of family, love, healing, and hope around each of us.

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