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Matt Adams – Matt Adams Ministries

Matt Adams has performed his stage show in countries around the world on every continent but Antarctica! He’s been through over 35 countries and adds new countries every year. Matt has performed his family-appropriate magic for people from all walks of life from young children to celebrities, top executives and CEOs.

Recognized in the magic community for his groundbreaking work on the Illusion Repository, Matt has also produced several online magic videos including a very popular tutorial for coin manipulation. His viewers now number in the hundred-thousands. He performed at the world famous Magic Live convention hosted in Las Vegas in 2016. Matt was also published in September 2011 issue of the famous Society of American Magician’s Magazine called MUM. Matt has also been published in the online magic magazine “The Magic Roadshow,” distributed to many different countries world-wide.

Matt often performs for adults. But he has also worked specifically with children and youth in various settings including Sunday morning Bible studies, CEF clubs, AWANA, Upward events, DNow, VBS, school programs, summer camps, mission trips, and more for over 20 years. Matt is also an approved Upward Entertainer and CEF performer.

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