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Larry Moshell – Teen Compass

Vocaré – To Hear the Call
(Vocaré is the Latin word from which we get the term “vocation”)


  • To give students a Vision for their Vocational Goals
  • To help students and their parents develop a Strategy to Achieve their Goals


  • Students take the Highlands Ability Battery online on their home computer
  • Students and parents attend the 3-hour Vocaré Workshop

Who: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors and their parents

Topics Covered in Workshop:

  • Understanding Your Natural Abilities
  • Discovering Purpose and Direction for Your Life
  • Planning a Strategy to Accomplish Your Purpose
  • The Parents’ Role: Push, Pull, or Partner

Resources Received:

  • 30+ page individualized report describing student’s results from the Highlands Ability Battery
  • A Vocaré Workbook
  • Access to an online Career Supplement linking Battery results to a wealth of information about career options

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