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Kenneth (Ken) Carlisle – God First Transitional Living

Partner with us as we implement a daily walk in discipleship with strong mentors who have been in ministry for years and understand the peaks and valleys of reentry from harsh institutionalization as well as extended patterns of addictions associated with dysfunctional thinking.


Having served many years in the mental health field, I learned two things about our consumers:

1: There is no pill or medication regiment that can transform someones lifestyle and perception.

2: Just as in the prison correctional system, there is very little to none resources in place for discharging clients to sincerely be mentored. Therefore the recidivism rate continues to be outrageous. 

This is more than a halfway house or group home, this empowerment! Men and woman working towards a common goal to feed the triune  components of a human being.  -Bro.Ken

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