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Mobilizing & Equiping Artistic & Innovative Ministries & Missionaries for Christ Worldwide

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jackie and keith kelley

Keith Kelley & JackieO. Kelley – We Will Go Ministries



"On a mission for missions"

Vision statement

We envision a world in which every person comes to know the joy, love and judgement of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement

God has assigned us to increase evangelism, missionary knowledge and servant leaders within churches and people groups both locally and internationally. To develop training grounds to reach the unreached areas that don’t know Christ.

Impact Statement

Our focus is to mobilize and enhance Christians everywhere to fulfill The Great Commission without hesitation, doubt, or fear. We Will Go and share the Gospel using information, Scriptures, music, visual and performing arts, connecting with people internationally at churches, events, and conferences to introduce and ignite evangelism, souls to the kingdom, missionary knowledge ,hope, healing and leadership.


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