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Denny & Sandy Brownlee – Playful World Ministries

God has such a sense of humor.  He took two of His kids desperately searching for a playmate in this world and brought them together.  Denny meets Sandy – a match made by heaven.  Then Father-God gave them a mission.  They didn’t realize it at first.  They simply grabbed what God put in their path and created a playground with whatever was at hand.  It all started with a small drama group in a big church, but God didn’t stop there.  The wrote, acted in and created:

  • Stage productions;
  • sketch comedy;
  • Children’s Church full blown puppet and people scripts;
  • audio dramas;
  • scripting and performing for a children’s TV show; film acting; voice acting; and songs. This finally led to a morning show (with actual comedy bits!) on a regional Christian radio network in NY.

God was teaching them both that laughter can be Holy, and that Holy Hilarity can blast to bits the walls around a wounded heart so that Jesus, the Living Word, could speak healing into it.  Creatively expressing the Truth to bring laughter, healing, and transformation.  That’s it!  That’s what Playful World Ministries is all about!

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