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Beth Argot

Beth Argot – Created to Worship

Everyone, no matter their culture, personality, or walk in life, is born to know and worship God. Created to Worship exists to support both concepts: learning what it means to truly know God, and then, from that knowing, to truly worship God.

The means to assisting others to know and worship God:

1.   World Arts Education – Training missionaries in the World Arts program at Dallas International University to go into the world and assist others to engage with Scripture through the arts and discover the worship voice within their culture.

2.  Spiritual formation – Training followers of God to develop a healthy spiritual relationship which will withstand the attacks of the enemy, the hurts of the world, and the difficulties of life.

3.  Field Work – Assisting cultures to know God and worship Him through culturally relevant means.

4.  Worship Education – Creating ongoing worship education through website interaction and consultation services.

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