Mitch McVicker

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Mitch McVicker

Department Staff
Mitch McVicker

State/Province: GA
City: Woodstock

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Mitch McVicker

General Info

Mitch McVicker's 15 year, 8 CD, 1200 concert career continues with the release of his latest mini CD, "Walking through The Dark". As McVicker communicates with people from every region of the country, social circle, age group, and economic situation; he has learned that eveyone's life is hard and that we all have mountainous difficulties. McVicker says that it seems that we are all made up of a combination of faith, hope, love AND doubt, confusion, and darkness.

McVicker continues to strive to point people to Jesus, through music and spoken testimony. Also, McVicker believes that most people find themselves walking through the dark. He reminds us that we are merely walking THROUGH the dark and that there is a light shining just past the dark--that the faithful person continues to walk, when he or she cannot see.

Mission Statement

Mitch McVicker believes the core of his ministry is to point people toward Jesus and the Kingdom of God. His mission is threefold: to introduce people to Jesus for the first time, to wake up those who have become apathetic in their faith, and to nurtur

Ministry Objectives

  • To point people to Jesus through my music and spoken testimony.
  • As a music artist, I strive to live so that anyone who watches me will know that I am a Christian.
  • To encourage people to never forget that God is constantly working on each of us and that His love for us is never-ending.
  • To keep encouraging others (and myself) to become more our true-selves and to walk through the Kingdom in a real way.

Ministry Methods

Ministry Focus

  • Children/Teens/Family
  • Live Presentation/Performance
  • Mercy/Compassion/Community Development

Artistic Expression

  • Music Performance/Production/Songwriting
  • Speaking/Teaching/Story-Telling

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