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Department Staff
Nikki H.

State/Province: CA
City: North Hollywood

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General Info

Partnering to Reach the Industry of Stage and Media Arts. Working within entertainment to impact the media and people in it for the Kingdom of Messiah

Mission Statement

The mission of PRISM is to work within the entertainment industry to impact the media and people in it for the Kingdom of Messiah.

Ministry Objectives

  • Includes:
  • Strategic marketplace one on-one witnessing in the mission field of the "showbiz / entertainment Industry
  • Equipping believers by providing training / resources for those currently working in arts & entertainment
  • Working on mainstream media projects where opportunities exist to penetrate the entertainment industry or affect material content as both as an artist and a minister of the gospel.
  • Producing, developing or directing projects that are specifically aimed at using the medium of theater, film or video to communicate the message of Messiah Jesus.
  • Producing independent projects (in film, video, television or stage) to provide opportunities for believers to access and shape this area of culture (This area is in conjunction with Thru the Glass Productions and or other mainstream media groups.)

Ministry Methods

Ministry Focus

  • Discipling/Spiritual Guidance
  • Educational/Instructional
  • Evangelism

Artistic Expression

  • Drama/Theatre
  • Film/Video/TV/Radio
  • Speaking/Teaching/Story-Telling

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